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I've Got a Big (or Rather Little) Secret to Share

Monday, November 21, 2011

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There's been a rather big secret I've been keeping from all of you. I know, I really shouldn't have kept it to myself for this long, but you'll understand why I did: Stephen and I are expecting our first child!

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I so badly wanted to share this announcement much earlier, but I told myself that I would wait until we were safely into the second trimester before sharing the news with the world. In a few weeks we'll know the sex of the baby, but I just couldn't wait til then to tell you all the good news. We cannot believe that we've been blessed with a baby. It was not something that we had planned, but we are overjoyed and cannot wait til next Spring. The due date is May 2, 2012 and I am seriously counting down until then. And trust me, I have been counting down ever since we found out the news.

I had an extremely rough first trimester, since I pretty much experienced every single symptom in the book. I hinted at this in earlier posts, but this is the reason why I've created so few posts since I quit my job. Between the nausea, fatigue, and heartburn, I felt like all I could do in the first trimester was lie down on either the couch or the bed. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better now. While I have not yet woken up feeling like I could conquer the world (I've been told this happens sometime in the 2nd trimester), I'm hopeful that it will happen very soon.

And yes, I've been busily scouring the web for nursery ideas, but I'm waiting until we find out the sex of the baby to make any final decisions and purchases. Not that I'm not a fan of unisex nurseries and baby decor, but let's just say that if I knew we were to have a girl, I'd really want to make the nursery somewhat girly for her. And similarly if we were to have a boy, I'd want to use some boy-oriented decor items in the nursery.

We'll be transforming my office into the nursery (I know! I feel like I'm constantly changing that room). So now we have the big question: what room will we use as the home office? Stephen definitely needs to have his own space since he's always on conference calls and cannot be disturbed. And although that's never stopped Emma from barking at our neighbors throughout the day, I think a baby might just be a tad more distracting. We've got some ideas floating around with what to do for a home office, but we'll need to hire a contractor to get some quotes. Until then, I'll share some nursery ideas I've been collecting in tomorrow's post. Happy Monday everyone!

*Shabby Apple Jewelry Giveaway Update: I know that I said I would announce the winner of the Shabby Apple Jewelry Giveaway today, but I've decided to extend the deadline to this Friday (give more of you a chance to win). Thank you to the folks that have entered so far!!! Don't forget to hurry to enter for your chance to win that gorgeous feather necklace!

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