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Friday, November 04, 2011

Black & White Dotted Lamp Shade for $30
Dimensions: 9 11/16" Tall, 29 1/4" Diameter at the bottom, and 22" Diameter at the top.

Sorry that it took so long to get this post up, but I had a rather late morning and it took me a bit longer than I had expected to take all of these photos. And I know, I know. You're probably asking yourself as you scroll to view all these photos, how can you let all of this go?? I'll tell you how. Because although I love all of these pieces, they sadly don't work with the decor scheme I've got going on in the house. And as much as I'd love to keep everything, I'm afraid Steve is about to have a mental break down if I don't clear some of these beautiful pieces out. Granted, the Crate and Barrel trunk and Pottery Barn rug were more of his choosing, but still, they're taking up room in an already crowded space.

But this is where it works out for you, cause now you have a chance to score some great finds for a fraction of the cost I that paid. If you want to see more photos, please don't hesitate to ask. I would be more than happy to send you some. I just didn't want to have the world's longest post with photos of every single detail. If you are interested in any of these pieces, please contact me at ProperHunt@gmail.com.

Unfortunately, I cannot ship these items since they're either too big or too delicate (I don't want to increase the prices just to accommodate for shipping costs), so those of you who are local will be able to score these deals.

3 Gold Tables for $40
Dimension for the Center Table: 20" Tall X 24" Length X 14" Width
Dimension for the 2 Side Tables: 20" Tall X 14" Width X 12 1/4" Rounded Length

Red Trim French Lamp Shade for $24
Dimensions: 7" Tall, 38 1/4" Diameter at the bottom, and 13 1/2" Diameter at the top.

Large Ornate Gold Mirror for $50
Dimensions: 30" Width X 42" Length

Green/Blue Square Mirror for $15 - SOLD
Dimensions: 20" Square

Anthropologie-like Orange Lamp Shade for $35
Dimensions: 9 1/2" Tall, 47 1/2" Diameter at the bottom, and 39" Diameter at the top.

Pottery Barn Eva Persian-style 5x8 rug for $125 - SOLD

Since we reconfigured our living room and purchased a larger area rug, we're letting this beauty go. In the year we've used it, we've never had a stain or tear on it. It's in near perfect condition.

Crate and Barrel Wooden Trunk for $180 - SOLD

Dimensions: 15 1/2" Tall X 43 1/2" Length X 24" Width. Height of the feet at 2 1/2" and are removable.

This is a piece that combines form and function. It worked as a great coffee table for us as well as a place to house our wine and other items.
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