Thanksgiving With All The Trimmings

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Eddie Ross via Lonnymag

I have so much to be thankful for this year. I have a loving family, great friends, good health, and that's all a girl really needs in life. But this year especially, I am thankful for my biggest wish coming true (thank you to my hubby for that~). I was able to quit my day job so that I could focus all my time on Proper Hunt, although I haven't devoted all of my time to it just yet (I'll explain why in a later post, promise!). I seriously have the best husband in the world who believes in me and provides unlimited amounts of support (did you know he edits every single post I write?). So this year, I am most thankful for my husband and the love he showers me with every single day.

This year, we've decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house and we are super excited about it. It's funny, even though I haven't lived at my parents' house in a very long time, it always feels like home to me. Sometimes more so than my own house. Strange isn't it? But that's why I'm excited, because my whole family will be together in the place that my parents have made home for all of us. Plus, Emma will be with Sammy, my parent's mini poodle (she loves chasing him and bossing him around), and it makes me happy to see her having such fun with her 'brother.'

In hopes of having the best Thanksgiving to date, I've started a bit early with gathering images that'll help give me an idea of how to decorate the dining table and other places around the house. As you can see below, I'm all over the place as far as what I like, so please help a girl out and let me know what your favorite image is below. This year I'm leaning towards simplicity, which is rather rare for me, but sometimes what they say is true - that less can be more.

Sunday in Bed

Censational Girl via Pinterest


Sweet Something Designs

100 Layer Cake



La Dolfina

Erica Ann Photography via The Plunge Project

Better Homes and Gardens

Kara's Party Ideas
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  1. Thank you for the sweet note! I may edit the posts, but I take no responsibility for any grammatical errors ;)

    Oh, and I like the fall colors in the "Erica Ann Photography via The Plunge Project"



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