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My $3 Thrifty Find

Thursday, January 12, 2012

To say that yesterday was a success, albeit a little one, is an understatement. I somehow scored a $3 brass faux bamboo magazine rack at my local Goodwill and must say that it just might be one of my best thrift store finds ever. I mean, anything as fabulous as this rack for under $30 is just crazy but for $3, it's absolutely unheard of! I've seen how much eBayers charge for similar magazine racks and with shipping costs, you're looking at $40+ at least, so I'm pretty sure I got a good deal. Granted, it needs to be cleaned and polished but other than that, this is perfect for our new home office. Goodness knows I collect magazines like there's no tomorrow so a new magazine rack is always welcome in our house.

I only hit up two stores yesterday (the Goodwill and a consignment shop), so am still feeling the need to do more thrifting. With the long weekend coming up, I just might have to make a trip to Value Village (heard only good things about this place and yet have never been!) and other thrift stores in the beltway area. But today I'm going to take a trip to Target to snag a great chevron pillow I saw the other day, and then pop into Paper Source to see if they have any baby albums (or albums I can use as our baby album). When you start rolling up your baby's precious sonogram photos since you don't have anywhere to store them, it's time to get an album and be an adult about it. Plus, we've only started taking photos of my baby bump so I definitely want to include those photos in the baby album too. And I promise to post up a photo of my baby bump very soon, I just need to have a good hair day before Steve snaps a photo of me...

Happy Thursday!
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  1. nice find! I feel like all the savvy thrifters in my area scoop up all the goodies before I even step out the door.

  2. It's funny, I feel like that way too most of the time but somehow I got real lucky with this $3 find. I even went to the same thrift store last week and came out with nada so I can never be sure if/when I find something good :) Have a great weekend!


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