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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brabourne Farm

It was unseasonably warm (mid 60's!) on Friday and Saturday here in Annapolis, which absolutely delighted everyone. It actually felt like Spring was just around the corner, with that lovely warm Spring smell in the air. But, it snowed last night. Ha! So deceiving Mother Nature. Well, needless to say, it made me long for the warmer weather of Spring, especially since I am anxious to meet my baby girl! I'm just counting down the days until we meet her AND can enjoy the outdoors. I miss barbecuing (Steve will never believe that I said that but it's true!), wearing sundresses, and sunbathing at the beach/pool. Can you blame a girl for wanting the warm weather, especially when she was born in Hawaii?? So, you can understand my need for the sun.

Until then I'm going to have to rely on images that evoke Spring and the enjoyment of the outdoors. It'll be a tease, but I've got no other options at the moment. Well, at least it'll help me get motivated to decorate our back deck since it's been the one space that we've somewhat neglected to spruce up since we moved into this house. That's what I'll do. I'll focus on getting all of the pieces ready for Spring so that we are ready to entertain outside as soon as the temps reach 65 degrees! In the meantime, enjoy the images below and hopefully they'll help you imagine yourself enjoying a cool cocktail outside somewhere basking in the sun.

Elle Decor

Amber Interior Design via Pinterest

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

My Home Ideas

Coastal Living

Habitually Chic

Nancy Taylor Lynch Designs

Ruthie Sommers via LonnyMag

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