Wallpaper Samples Ordered, Check! Well, Almost.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hygge & West Petal Pusher
I'm going to see how this looks in the nursery closet.

I have a confession to make. I didn't go anywhere near the home office (a.k.a. future nursery) yesterday. I just couldn't bring myself to enter our 'scary' room. Seriously, it's SO scary that we keep the door closed because we don't want to see the mess that has accumulated when we walk by. I know, I really need to do something about it but when the temps drop to the 30s, I really don't feel like doing much of anything. Well, except for eating a ton of food and drinking hot cocoa.

So, to compensate for my lack of organizing and cleaning I finally ordered some wallpaper samples. Or rather, I ordered 3 and had to hold off on another 3 since they're from the UK (from Wallpaper Direct) and you unfortunately cannot order them online if you live in the US. I had to email them asking if they could send them to me and they promptly replied this morning saying that I could call them to order the samples. I called but didn't get through, so I'll have to call again tomorrow. Fingers crossed, since it's the Perroquet sample that I am dying to get. Anywho, check out the samples that I ordered below!

On a completely random side note, I start my Prenatal Yoga class tomorrow! I'm really excited to get some exercise and to bond with my body & baby. I even bought a new yoga mat to get me revved up for it. Hopefully, it's not as tough as Ashtanga yoga or else I'm in big trouble. Have any of you taken prenatal yoga classes before?

Shand Kydd via Steve's Wallpaper
Shand Kydd via Steve's Wallpaper

This is a potential option for the entryway once we built the wall.

I can't decide between the new entryway wall, the first floor bathroom, or the new office that will be built. I just absolutely love this!

This could definitely go in our bedroom to make a statement wall.

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