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Weekend Fun and Deciding on Green Drapes

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ruthie Sommers via Lonnymag

I woke up at 9:55am this morning. I can't even remember the last time I woke up that late having gone to bed relatively early (11:30pm)! Clearly, I had a lot of fun over the long weekend. It all started when our good friends (part of the "Great Gatsby Gang"), John & Lindsey, stayed the night on Saturday. Over the weekend we had just about the best time ever. Lindsey and I were having too much fun talking that we didn't eat dinner until 10pm! We like to talk, what can I say? The fun continued to Sunday, as we all woke up leisurely, ate some yummy bagels for breakfast, and lounged around flipping through design books/magazines (us girls) while the guys watched ridiculously funny movies on TV.

It was sad when they had to return back to the city, really sad. I think Steve and I were depressed the minute they left because it took us about 2 hours to muster up the energy to go to the grocery store. But we (or rather I) had something to console myself with. The Golden Globes were going to be on Sunday night! Weren't the movie stars absolutely gorgeous? The stars that I thought were best-dressed during E!'s red carpet preview would have to be Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, and Salma Hayek. I'm pretty sure I missed out on other fabulously dressed stars since I started watching the show a tad late, but these ladies were real standouts in my opinion.

Then yesterday, Steve and I spent all day together which was so nice. We went to Georgetown to do some shopping (I had to go back to Annie Creamcheese to use up what was left on my Groupon), and then Steve made a delicious pizza that we devoured while watching TV. Even while all of these wonderful activities were going on, Steve and I made a pretty big decision concerning our master bedroom decor. We decided that emerald green drapes would be perfect in our bedroom. I know that sounds pretty shocking or unusual, but somehow I convinced Steve that it would look fabulous and amazingly he agreed! I was inspired by the photo above because the wallpaper color is very similar to our own wall color and I even have a vanity table that looks just like the one in the photo, except in white. Makes me want to paint it black after seeing this photo though. Plus, the rest of our room is pretty subtle, which is what we wanted since it is our sanctuary of sorts. But, since we also like a pop of color now and then, we think drapes would be a perfect place to add that punchiness. Would you dare to get emerald green drapes in your home?
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