Make a Statement With White

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Do white walls scare you? They used to scare me tons, but nowadays I've changed my tune. I think when done right, they're chic and just as show stopping as a room with color on the walls. I realize that I've been talking nonstop about how much I love color and wallpaper in rooms (Steve is probably cringing right now), but who says you can't have color when you've got white walls? In fact, I think that because of an absence of color on the walls, the colors you place in a room with white walls pops even more. In some instances, it gives the room a gallery effect. And in other instances, the colors you place in the room, whether through the fabrics, furniture, or accessories, can almost give the illusion that the room is soaked in color.

Since we've decided on relocating our home office to the first floor, I've started thinking that maybe we should paint the room white. Crazy, I know. But after looking at so many inspiring images on the web of white walled spaces, it gets a girl thinking that it's the chic way to go. How do you all feel about white walls?

House Beautiful


luxe + lillies



Lonnymag offices

on a golden train

La Dolce Vita

Rue Magazine

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