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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I decided that I just had to have these yellow flower dessert plates, so I picked those up too.

In the past few days, I've been hard at work finishing up thank-you cards for all of the lovely baby showers we've had recently (3, can you believe it??). I've also been putting away all of the gifts we've received and doing loads of laundry so that Victoria has lots of outfits and blankets at the ready when she arrives.

In my quest for cute thank-you cards, my search ended at Target. Well, really the search started and ended at Target since I knew they would have the best selection out of any retailer nearby. And I was right because it took me literally 25 minutes to decide which thank-you cards, out of a huge selection, I was going to take home with me. And really the decision was between 3 designs from the same designer. You guessed it: Mara-Mi clearly won me over with their designs, so much so that I was in the stationery aisle for a while, pacing back and forth contemplating my choice. In the end I decided on the Multi Dot thank you cards (see below) since I thought they were most appropriate for a baby shower-related thank you theme.

After I decided on the Multi Dot thank you cards, I noticed that Mara-Mi offered other paper goods that were equally colorful and fun. From gift bags (absolutely adorable!) & tissue paper to paper plates & napkins, they come in the same fresh designs as their stationery cousins. Check out a sampling of their offerings from their site below, then head on over to your nearest Target to check them out in person!

3 Side by Side Note Card Set

Multi Dot Thank You Card

Hello Magnet Set

Pink + Gold Foil Burst Thank You Set

Blue Flowers Blank Note Card

Salmon Elephant Invitation

Black + Ivory Laser Cut Jacket Invitation

Pink Leaves Invitation Kit

Oscar Wilde Collection Journal #2

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  1. Funny! Our stories are similar... Just had three baby showers for our first - a girl, too. And I did the same tour through Target for thank-you cards...and chose the same set as you! Visiting from yellowcurls.com. Congrats and best of luck with your new addition!

    1. Hi Kasey! That IS funny that we've gone through the same things and picked out the same set!~ Congrats to you and your family for the arrival of your little girl too! Loving your blog - will definitely be following you!~


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