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Ode to Anthropologie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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The other day, I went to my happy place. What I consider Disney World. Anthropologie, of course! I rarely go there because I literally want everything in that wonderful mecca of a store, but can't splurge (the guilt would get to me). But this time around, I was able to score a fabulous deal on the perfect dress for Thanksgiving. At $69.95, I couldn't pass up #7, could I? Before I snagged that incredible deal, I found a ton of other items that I wanted to take home. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen since Cora started fussing in the store and I didn't want to be that mom with the crying baby. So, sadly, we made our way out of there. On the bright side, it gave me the inspiration to write this post sharing a few items that I love from my favorite store.

And for the family members reading this post. Yes, you could consider this a wish list of sorts, hint hint. Which reminds me, more wish lists coming up soon!
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