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Atlanta Girls Weekend Part 1: Pieces

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forgive the poor quality of this iPhone 4 photo (can't wait to upgrade my phone). Doesn't do this amazing place justice.

Aah, what a fantastic weekend! I really wanted to share this post yesterday, but after catching a later flight than planned (yup, we missed our flight because we talk too much. surprise, surprise!), I was way too tired to even attempt to get on the computer.

This weekend was full of catching up with friends who live near & far (DC-> Annapolis-> Atlanta-> Australia), eating yummy food, and getting some great shopping done in Atlanta. It doesn't get any better than that, does it? We really packed it in too, because we were only there for one night (boo, next time I must do a longer stay and bring baby Cora so I don't miss her like crazy). I admit, before I left for Atlanta, I had several mini-meltdowns just thinking about leaving Cora. It was my first time leaving her for an overnight trip, and let me tell you - it was hard. Thankfully, my wonderful husband sent me videos and photos of her throughout the weekend, which really helped me keep the tears at bay.

Let's get on to the good stuff. The shopping. I can't pinpoint when I found out about Pieces, but I can certainly tell you that I have been hooked ever since I did. Even more so now that I've been there! Lee Kleinhelter is the proprietress of this luxe boutique and I cannot tell you how much I admire her tastes. I want to fill my home with her store's entire stock. I'm not kidding. I mean everything. I challenge you to look at the images below and tell me that you don't like everything because I guarantee you will like it all. I had hoped to meet Lee while I was there, but silly me, I didn't plan ahead enough! I know better now, so next time Lee, I'm definitely making sure to meet with you!

If you live in Atlanta, then chances are you know about this place. But if you don't, please go! You will love it. And if you don't live in Atlanta, then you need to schedule a trip and visit because again, you will love this place. Check out the photos below!

I finally picked this little Jonathan Adler gem up! Can't wait to put it on my vanity.

You know I can't resist hot pink chairs!

That chest would make such a good nightstand, foyer table, or bar! The possibilities are endless.

I miss you all already!

Not that this has anything to do with Pieces, but just wanted to show that we got all dolled up. Dinner @ JCT Kitchen & Bar - yum!

All photos by Christina Han

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  1. how fun! That store in my places to visit one day!

    1. It is!! You MUST visit - its one of those stores that I could stay in for a looong time ;)

  2. ah love a good interior decor store! love the huge clock!

    > Madebygirl.blogspot.com
    > MadeByGirl.com

    1. It's easily my favorite home decor store ;) And that clock is a statement maker, it looks amazing in person! Btw, your blog is amazing!

  3. This makes me want to move to Atlanta! GREAT store.

    Ali of


    1. Haha, my thoughts exactly! You've gotta visit it ;) it's too good not too.

  4. Ahhh! I wish I would have known about this gem prior to my trip last weekend. It's going on my list for next time!

    1. That's right! You were in Atlanta! Wish we could've met :) but yes, deinitely make it to Pieces next time ;)

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