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Happy 1st Birthday to My Cora!

Thursday, May 09, 2013


Today is Cora's (Victoria) first birthday and I am a ball of mixed emotions. Shall I just list all of the words that describe how I'm feeling? In awe, sad, worried, overjoyed, shocked, and happy. A pretty wide range of emotions, right? I woke up feeling sort of saddened at the idea of Cora getting older. She's my baby and I guess I don't want her to grow up. Simple as that. But after I got some coffee in me (a must in the morning), a sense of joy just took over the minute I saw her little cherub face lighting up from playing with her toys in her new playpen. I know that as she gets older, the less dependent she'll be on me/us and I guess that also saddened me too. I want her to be dependent on me. I want to be the one she goes running to when she's happy or sad or needs comforting. I know that the day will come when that won't be the case and I guess I was thinking a little too far ahead, huh?

She's at an age right now where it is just amazing to see her development into a little person. She's learning new words everyday it seems. Granted, she can't say them but she knows what we're talking about when we say, 'go play the piano' and she goes over to her little piano and starts banging on the keys. She's also walking and it just leaves me in awe every time I see her waddle around because then it hits me that she's really growing up and is becoming her own person. And there's no denying that she is becoming her own person, because she sure knows how to throw tantrums when she doesn't get her way.

I know that I talk about Cora quite a bit on the blog, so I hope you don't mind that today's post is all about her. And that it's full of photos of her first year. I suppose I could've had more photos on here, but I didn't want you to get sick of seeing her. These were just some of the highlights from her first year. And sorry for posting this so late! I took her to her first Tiny Tykes class today (kicking myself for not taking her sooner) and I wanted to get some pics for you all to see.


1 day old!

Passed out from being in the baby carrier.

Her first photoshoot.

Halloween 2012 as a little Native American Princess.

Keeping it real classy with a do-rag at Christmas dinner.

New Year's Day in her traditional Korean outfit.

Her first bin ride.

A robe and slippers for this babe.

At the park walking with daddy. One of my favorite shots.

Her first time seeing a water fountain.

Making friends at her first Tiny Tykes class.

She threw a tiny little fit because she didn't want to share.

Some babies have a favorite blankie, this one has an iPhone. She's definitely our daughter, for sure.
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