Happy Memorial Day {Weekend} !

Friday, May 24, 2013


I hope your Memorial Day weekend looks just like the photo above. Mine won't be exactly like that, but I am hoping to squeeze in a picnic at the park along with a pool day. Somehow Memorial Day crept up on us like the way my dog, Emma, does whenever I'm eating something. I think between Cora's birthday party and Steve traveling for 3 days, we were just really preoccupied. And of course, now I'm regretting that we didn't plan something for this long weekend. Because the weekends are everything now, ya know.

But it might actually be a good thing that we're not going anywhere this weekend, because as you know, the house went through a few renovations (i.e. Steve's wall was finally built, a new powder room light was installed, and our closet got a makeover). Yup, lots happened in the past week and we are still living in squalor. Yes, I said squalor because there's no other word to describe it. The entire contents of our master closet was moved to the guest room (a.k.a. Cora's future playroom), and well, let's just say that moving it all back into our closet is going to be one heck of a project. And Steve's office-to-be desperately needs to be cleaned because there is a film of drywall dust everywhere. And don't get me started on our living room -- books everywhere along with cardboard boxes and remnants of Cora's party. So, like I said before, it might actually be a good thing that we're staying home because we have lots to do to get the house back in tip top shape.

Even though I'm envious of you all that are heading to the beach this weekend, I gotta say, this week was absolutely fantastic. To start off the week, I was featured on Brittany's blog, Classically B, sharing my Favorite Four Finds. And then Cora's nursery was featured on Lindsay's blog, Sadie + Stella. I am so thankful and honored that both ladies asked me to be on their blogs. The response from both has been unexpectedly wonderful! Thank you to all who left such sweet and encouraging comments! Makes a girl feel so loved. So all of this wonderfulness definitely helps the blow of not going somewhere warm and beachy.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen these shots, but for those of you who don't, here are a few sneak peeks at what's going on at home.

Steve and I are still in disbelief that the wall is up. We've been talking about getting this wall built for two years and now that it's done, its just hard to believe. Funny, huh? And as if that wasn't awesome enough, we got a TV mounted above the fireplace. Yep, Steve is one happy guy right now.

Bought this from Anthropologie.com for $20! Really regretting I didn't buy more since they're sold out now.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I'll be back on Monday with some beachy finds! XOXO

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