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Monday, May 06, 2013

How fun are Amy & Ellen??

Mother's Day is coming up and if you are still looking for that perfect gift for the mom(s) in your life (did you see my Mother's Day Gift Guide?), then you must take a trip over to HERE. a pop-up shop in downtown Annapolis, MD. If you recall, I went to HERE. a pop-up shop's first opening and had such a great time perusing all of the goodies and chatting it up with the two lovely ladies in charge. So it was a no-brainer for me to stop by for their second pop-up shop!

This second location is in such a fun part of downtown. It's right in the heart of it, just steps from the water! If you've never been to downtown Annapolis before, then this is perfect reason to come here. My little family and I started our weekend by heading over there and had such a lovely time with Ellen & Amy, despite Cora being a bit fussy (she was due for a nap). The items below were just a few of my favorites that I spotted. If you see something you like, I suggest you hurry on over there before it's gone!

Happy Monday everyone!

My favorite item is that far right necklace. It was sooo hard to walk away from it.

A great nautical-inspired cheese board/cutting board.

Lots more where these came from.

Lots of great gift ideas like these cards and prints.

How great are these unique cake stands made from plates affixed to candlestick holders?

Fun and flirty vintage barware from Cin Cin Vintage. Are those lanterns fabulous or what?

That bottom cakestand was another close purchase aside from the necklace above.
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  1. Looks like some great finds!! Love those trays!!

    1. Yes, there's lots! I spent about a good hour and still found more items that I hadn't seen before ;)

  2. I would have come home with a cake stand. Good thing Annapolis is a bit of a hike for me.

    1. I'm wishing now that I had picked one up ;)

  3. Thanks, Christina! LOVE having you in the shop... come hang with us anytime! And please send your hubby back in so we can help him pick the perfect Mother's Day gift from beautiful Cora!
    ps: Brittany & Kerry ~ we can ship if you are really interested! Just message us on facebook or give us a call! xo Amy & El

    1. You gals make it so fun shopping at your popup! I've relayed the message to the hubby so we'll see what happens ;) it was so great seeing you gals!

  4. Looks like there was a ton of goodies to be found! The lanterns are amazing!


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