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Weekend Updates & New Artwork

Monday, May 13, 2013

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was freaking fantastic! Lots of fun with family and news of renovations (hooray!). Let's start with Saturday's exciting news. We had our contractor come over on Saturday to go over the renovations & updates that we want to have done and we are finally getting it all done this week! I probably just made you all say, "what renovations??" The renovations we're getting done are what I talked about almost 2 years ago. Sad, I know. We're getting the wall built to create an office space for Steve on our first floor. When you walk into our home, you walk right into a small living space which Steve has been using as his office. The problem though is that we need a wall built in order to keep out noise from the upstairs. Which is what's going to happen this week. I didn't realize how fast they'd be able to squeeze us into their schedule, but apparently we lucked out cause it's happening soon. Woohoo!

And then on Sunday, we celebrated both my mom and Steve's mom at our house with a lovely brunch for Mother's Day. Steve kept insisting that I relax and do nothing (what a good man, right?), but I really wanted to do something for both of our moms so I made this Blueberry Biscuit recipe that I found on Pinterest which turned out to be aaaamazing. Because it was so good (a definite keeper in this household), I wanted to share it with you all too. It's easy to make and it's sooo yummy. All I have to say about Sunday is that Mother's Day might easily become one of my favorite holidays, haha.

{Blueberry Biscuits w/ compote}
There was compote, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Loooved brunch. Such a wonderful time with family. And yep, those are the orchids the hubby had delivered to me for Mother's Day. #hespoilsme

During the weekend, I made an amazing discovery. I follow this insanely talented artist/business woman on Instagram, Jennifer Vallez. She owns Sophie and Lili, an online boutique of signature collection dolls (you can customize them!), children's clothes, and illustrations. While perusing her gorgeous site, I came across her artwork and literally had a "what the what?!" moment because right there on her site, the Giclee prints are literally almost exact images of me and my 3 best friends. I had to show Steve to get a reality check because I was in total shock at how right she got me and my friends without even knowing us! And he even agreed that it was uncanny how much these illustrations look like us.

I've been shopping around for some artwork to fill Cora's new playroom and finding these was like hitting the jackpot. Take a look at the prints of me and my friends below. Kidding, they're not really of me and my friends, but they sure do look an awful lot like us. Right gals?? And please check out her site for all of the other gorgeous watercolors and illustrations she has. They're stunning.

Happy Monday!

{Embroidered Dress}
Me. Hair, dress, shoes, clutch and all.

{White Black Check Coat}
This has to be Lauren, right?

{Pink Polka Dot Top}
Linds, this is you all the way!

{Denim and Stripes}
Alicia, the auburn beauty.

{Army Cargo}
Yep, had to order this and the embroidered one too. I also ordered this one. Couldn't help myself.

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