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PSA // Anthropologie and Zara Sales

Friday, June 21, 2013

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Oookay, maybe more than just a few splurges. But hey, it's Friiiiday and I'm in a shopping mood. Can't blame me, especially with these amazing sales that are going on right now. Anthropologie is having a huge one right now, and Zara just started their sale at midnight. I was able to get some major staples, but I missed out on these little beauties since I wasn't fast enough checking out. But I am SO glad I was able to snag #6, because black pumps (and these ones at that) are such a staple in any lady's wardrobe. And yes, I had to get #2 for Cora. It's totally appropriate for the Fall months, don't you think?

Hurry over to these sales people! The good stuff is getting snatched up left and right, so I really wouldn't delay. You'll thank me for this PSA.

Happy Friday!
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  1. I got these emails and had such a conflicted moment of "look away!" and "must shop now!" reactions... 'tis the season I guess!

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

  2. My two favorite stores! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. @Liz - I know what you mean! Normally, I'm like you and am conflicted and just don't even end up getting anything, but I've been saving my gift cards (I'm such a hoarder), so figured it was time to put them to good use ;) it's like the only time i ever buy stuff, haha. xoxo

    @Kristen - Same here! I love these two places. It's so funny too because they're quite different in a lot of ways, right? Glad that I was able to let you know about the sales! xoxo


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