Weekend Update // Martha Stewart at JCPenney

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

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I realize that I'm a few days late with a weekend update, but what I discovered is too good to keep to myself. Over the weekend, I finally got a chance to see all of the goodies (i.e. Jonathan Adler, Conran, & Martha Stewart) at JCPenney. It took our mall awhile to get s*** done. I swear, I kept going in there the entire month of May and part of June disappointed because they hadn't finished up the Home section yet. But fiiinally they got it all done and even though it was a pain to wait (I kept seeing everyone else's Instagrams with photos of all of the amazing pieces from JCP like a month ago!), it was definitely worth it. I won't lie, I've never really shopped at JCP before. Not because I poo-poo their products, it's just that there are others ahead of them in my line-up of shopping go-to's and they just get forgotten. But not anymore! JCP is at the top of my list now. The hubby and I were equally impressed and in awe while we were looking around.

Again, I know that I'm late with this "update" on the new furniture lines at JCP, especially Jonathan Adler's Happy Chic line (it's as good as everyone says it is), since it's been talked about on the blogosphere for some time now. So, I won't bombard you with the same photos already floating around. But what I will share with you is the amazing, and I really mean aaamazing, Martha Stewart Celebration line at JCP. You've all seen some of it at Michael's or even TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods, but it's like that times a hundred! I mean, if you ever had a party decor need for anything, this is the place to go! I really felt like a kid in a candy store when I was looking through all of the celebration products. I don't have any more parties to plan (yet?), but just walking through the fun & chic party goods made me want to throw one!

Of course, DIY'ing party decor items is fun (and money saving), but sometimes you just don't have the time or energy (right??) and that is why I am so excited to blab about this. Cause really, time is precious and anything saving us time is a-okay with me. Especially, when they look this fabulous. Right?
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  1. Oh wow these decorations all look so adorable! Martha knows her ish that's for sure! I def need to go check these out.

    1. @Kristen - right?? Martha knows for sure ;) I seriously love everything she does :)

  2. Christina thank you so much for the update, so excited to the the Martha Stewart Line in person!

    2013 Designers Series featuring Scot Meacham Wood!
    Art by Karena

    1. @Karen - you're quite welcome!! You def have to check it out, it's so good!! Martha is amazing ;)


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