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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm a little late with showing you photos of our back deck (tsk tsk), because we actually (for once) updated what we said we would and I just hadn't yet had a chance to photograph it for you guys.

A few years ago, Steve and I took a trip up to New Jersey to visit his cousin, Mary Ellen, and her young family. Mary Ellen and I share a love of vintage furniture, home wares, and all things interior related, so I was really excited to see her new house and how she decorated it. Her house was gorgeous, not surprisingly, and we talked shop the whole time we stayed there. We were sad when our visit came to an end, but Mary Ellen and her husband sent us home with two (potentially) amazing wicker chairs that needed some major TLC, so that definitely softened the blow of leaving. Now, I don't know if you know but wicker chairs, and I mean good wicker chairs, cost quite a bit. I'm talking roughly $700+ per chair. So you can imagine how giddy I was when they sent us home with these two chairs.

Fast forward to early this year, and the chairs had yet to get repainted. Yep, it took us awhile but I'd say having a kid is a good excuse not to do any DIYs for a bit, right? Well, we finally got our act together and hired someone to do a really good job of sanding them down and painting them with durable, glossy white paint. As you'll see below, I really wanted to keep the chairs the same blue that they were originally, but it would've been too costly for us to get a color match and blah blah blah, so glossy white was the way to go in our minds. Along with getting them professionally repainted, we also got new slipcovers for the cushions that came with the chairs. I had found some dark teal and white chevron fabric from Etsy that I knew would look great with the chairs so I had my local upholsterer create new slipcovers for us.

We also replanted (ha! I say 'we' but it was really all Steve - I have a brown thumb) the flower boxes to create some privacy and to add some color to the back deck. I tell ya, adding flowers to the deck really gives the feeling of a lush environment. Even if it's just a small dose of color, it really makes a difference.


Would've loved to have kept the chairs blue, but it was too difficult (and costly) to color match. Insert sad face here.


Blue paint? What blue paint? We're totally digging the white gloss on the chairs.

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  1. They came out great! I bet they will get a lot use this summer. Your neighborhood is so pretty btw!

  2. So pretty! I bet you love to sit outside in those chairs.

  3. @Kristen - Thank you darling! I don't really get a chance to sit out there as much as I'd like too, but once the weather cools down a bit, I intend to be out there as much as possible ;)

    @Kerry - Thank you Kerry!! I do, when the temps get a little cooler. You know how awful our summers are ;) Can't wait for it to get back in the low 80s so I can sit out there with a nice cold drink :)

  4. Everything looks great! Awesome job! And happy weekend Christina!

  5. @Sara - Thank you Sara!! You too! Hope you and the fam have a great weekend ;)


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