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A Few Of My Favorite Pins

Thursday, August 08, 2013

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I thought it was about time to share my favorite pins from Pinterest (it's been a while), but I'm changing it up a little with it being in a slightly different format. Normally it'd look like this, but honestly, I had no time (or energy for that matter) to create it in that same format. Sorry! Instead, I'm borrowing from my friends Gaby and Sara, who use this design on their own blogs. Which, if you haven't checked out, then you must! Love those two and their style.

On to my favorite pins of the week, er week and a half...

#1: I've only ever had one gin based cocktail that I actually liked (from Nobu in NYC, sooo delish!), so this is a stretch for me. But how can you go wrong with a peach and raspberry gin fizz?
#2: I have dreams about this photo. A brass chair topped with a fur, it's just absolute heaven.
#3: Jenny Kayne has quickly become a go-to for all things shoes ever since she came out with her famed d'orsay flats. But I'm also falling for her entire collection. If it wasn't for the price tag on this coat, it would already be in my closet for Fall. Same with this dress too.
#4: This might actually be my favorite pin this entire week. It features my dream handbag along with, well a dream of an outfit. Although, I'd prefer the handbag to be in this color, but I'll take emerald green any day.
#5: If you know me well, then you know that I have a giant sweet tooth and that I can never pass up a good dessert. And a good pots de creme au chocolat? Yes, please!
#6: The color green in the home is so essential to me. It's an instant mood lifter and brings such a fresh vibe to a space. And what a great idea to have both green wallpaper and a green bookcase in a child's playroom. Makes me think we need to repaint Cora's playroom...just kidding!
#7: I've been adding a few fashion bloggers to my reading list, and Kat from, With Love From Kat, is definitely one of my daily go-tos. She's got that mix of classic style added with that little extra something that makes it all her own. Aside from her style, she is totally likable and seems like she could be your friend. Albeit, your glamorous friend.
#8: This is what I was striving towards for Cora's dessert table at her birthday party. I wasn't even close, huh?
#9: Blueberries and almonds - two of my favorite ingredients rolled into one dessert. Doesn't get any better than this during the summer, huh?
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