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A Few Of My Favorite Pins

Monday, September 02, 2013

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Happy Labor Day!! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying today with friends and family. I've had just about the most jam-packed weekend full of fun and relaxation one could possibly enjoy. Among other things, I've been planning ahead on some of the redecorating projects I've got going on. Yes, I consider that fun, don't you? And I've also been just plain relaxing and having a great time either at the pool or at the neighborhood block party.

The fun continues today because I'll be shopping with my best friend, Lauren, for home furnishings at HomeGoods along with Marshalls and TJMaxx. She and her husband just bought their first house (woohoo!), so she is on the hunt for furnishings to fill it up with. I'm coming along for the ride since you know I can't refuse shopping at those three places. And then afterwards, we're hosting an impromptu get-together with our families to enjoy Labor Day together with a meal.

On to my favorite pins from this past week!

#1: Not sure if it's because I'm getting older, but I am all about wearing lipstick now. I find that I look washed out in photos if I'm not wearing any, so here's to finding the right colors for me.
#2: Sooo, I'm kind of pissed that I am just now finding out that Apple will be releasing a GOLD iPhone this month, because I just spent all this money replacing my screen (yes, I cracked my screen, it was devastating). Had I known about this, I would've sucked it up and taped up my phone with some packing tape so I can get the gold one.
#3: I'm heading to NYC this weekend to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (there's a HUGE giveaway to mark this occasion so stay tuned!!) and cannot think of a more perfect outfit to wear while shopping around and taking a stroll through the city.
#4: When you call this the "Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever", you know you're going to get my attention. Must make these soon.
#5: I love a good coffee table arrangement. I haven't been able to create a vignette let alone enjoy one in my own house since Cora was able to walk (it's been over 5 months now to give you an idea), so when I see one that I like, I definitely long for the day that I can enjoy one again. This one is perfectly feminine and oh so French, no?
#6: How special and spectacular is this? With our 5th wedding anniversary in just four days, I'm getting a little sentimental with any wedding photos I see. This one especially caught my eye, because that backdrop is absolutely stunning.
#7: My friend, Meg, recently interviewed the lovely Mandy of Waiting on Martha in her Behind the Biz series and first of all, I absolutely looove this series. It's insightful and really educational for anyone who is an entrepreneur or who wants to become one. Second of all, Mandy's office space is to-die-for. I'm not kidding. Just look at that wallpaper and how chic everything is put together. And that Hermes tray! If you haven't read her interview and seen her office, you must do this right now.
#8: Not that I'll ever look like this girl, I'm just saying that her look is flawless. It's exactly how I want to look with Fall just around the corner. Feminine, tousled bombshell, and yet a hint of innocence? That's what I'm thinking.
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