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Happy Friday // Happy Anniversary!

Friday, September 06, 2013

The first of the two happiest days of my life.

Happy Friday! Even though I had a rough night of sleeping last night (it was another teeth-grinding kind of night [literally] with some stressful dreams - I'm thinking it has a lot to do with us leaving Cora this weekend), I am full of happiness knowing that today is our 5th wedding anniversary. We're both working at the moment. We've been up since 6am (Cora gave us a lovely 5:30am wake up call), so we both figured why not wake up and get started on work? Not exactly the most fun way to start any day, let alone your 5th wedding anniversary. But, it's all so that we can fully enjoy the weekend in New York City.

As an ode of sorts to the man who is my biggest fan, encourager, accountant, therapist, editor-in-chief, or rather in a nutshell, my rock, I wanted to go through some of our big life experiences and adventures with a few photos for today's post. Hope that's alright with you all.

My husband, Steve, has a way of always finding the best in every situation, and always staying positive. I used to be like that too, but over the years (and having a corporate job that I hated), I've sort of become the pessimist in this relationship (gasp! insert frightened look here). He's not just my rock, but my source of constant joy (besides Cora) and love. I still remember the day we exchanged our vows and recall the overwhelming joy I felt not just from the two of us, but from everyone else around us who was so happy that we had found each other and were going to start our own family. He has been with me through the highest of highs, and the very lowest of lows and has always been the one I found peace and encouragement from. There wasn't a time so low that he couldn't find some way of bringing me up. And with being a new mom and all of the joys & stresses that entails, he has been the ever-amazing new dad.

The minute we found out we had to have an emergency c-section (somewhat traumatic for me), he was there holding my hand and comforting me. And if you know Steve, he likes to lighten things up with jokes so he was trying to get me to smile and laugh in his hazmat suit (not really a hazmat suit, but the full-body suit he had to wear during surgery sure looked like one). When Cora came into the world, he was a pro at the whole new dad thing. He changed her diaper multiple times before I had the chance (not that I wanted to, haha), and fed her her first meal too. Because of the emergency c-section, Cora was in the NICU overnight, so Steve went and saw her as much as he could while she was there.

I won't lie, being a mom is one of the hardest things I've ever had to be. And for those of you who really know me, I don't have limitless unwavering patience, so you can imagine the learning curve I've been dealing with having a toddler. But guess who's full of patience and understanding? Steve. I know it's a total cliche to say what I'm about to say, but it really, truly sums up how I think and feel about my husband. He is my home and I cannot and will not imagine my life without him. He makes me so very happy (beyond words or actions can say or do) and he pushes me to be a good person. He's my role model. It all boils down to that. Love you pup. Here's to the five years of wedded bliss (10 years together total), and to a hundred more!

Buying our first house together in 2008!

On our first international trip together to Kenya, we had a long layover in London so we poked around the city and took a few selfies.

Our last day at the Masai Mara with a few of our friends. That safari trip was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced.

Atop of a mountain at a beautiful church in Nice, France

A shameless selfie at our dear friends, Jeff & Bonnie's, wedding. We rarely get to take pictures of the two of us anymore. Usually it's one of us with Cora or the other, but never together. Plus, I got my hair did that day so I really had to take a selfie.

The morning after Cora was born, Steve went down as soon as he woke up so he could see her.

This photo just says it all, doesn't it?

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  1. what a sweet post! i hope that on my 5 year anniversary i can also look back and have memories like this! it sounds like you both are quit the pair!!!



    1. Thank you Beth! That is so nice of you to say!~ I hope so too!! Xoxo


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