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Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Friday!! It's a gorgeous day and I am so excited for this weekend. We are heading to the National Zoo in Washington, DC tomorrow with Steve's mom (to celebrate her birthday) and brother's family. I haven't been to the zoo in goodness knows how long. I won't even start guessing how many decades it's been because it's been that long. BUT, the reason I am super excited is because it's Cora's first time at the zoo! I realize she's still a tad young (16 months old) to fully understand what's going on, but I think she is going to love seeing all of the animals and being in a totally different environment. Plus, she gets to hang out with her grandmom and her cousin, Lily, and that's always a fun thing for her.

Sooo, if you couldn't tell, the powder room finally got wallpapered! Our fabulous wallpaper installer, Mel Specht (call him up if you live in the Annapolis area, he's meticulous and fantastic!), installed the wallpaper that I had purchased from eBay (wallpaper was just $40!) and it just looks absolutely stunning! I mean our bathroom wasn't bad to begin with. The dark blue looked just fine in there, but now with the wallpaper. It finally looks polished. Steve and I are both so pleased with it and still can't believe we finally pulled the trigger on it.

Because of the huge lack of natural light in the bathroom, I wasn't able to get the best photos to show you guys all of it, so my apologies. I need to get the hubby's help on this one so there will be more photos coming, promise! Plus, I kind of need to restyle the bathroom since the wall art and accessories don't really go with the wallpaper anymore. But I just had to show you guys a few pics. What do you guys think??

Mel did an amazing job covering the switch plates too!

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  1. LOVE! I would never have the balls to do this but it looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks Jules!! I got a little nervous when he first started but after seeing a little bit of it up, I was at ease ;)

  2. Gorgeous paper Christina! It is beautiful.
    Have fun this weekend! I want to go to the zoo!
    xo Nancy

    1. Thank you so much Nancy!! I hope you had a great weekend too!! xoxo

  3. That powder room is insane! I love it!
    I bet Cora will have a blast at the zoo. Wish I was going.

    1. Thank you so much Kerry!! So glad you like it!! We had a great time at the zoo! I'll post some pics of our outing in an upcoming post ;)


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