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Style // One Top, Four Ways

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I would definitely wear this outfit to a blogger event in the city. I actually wore something very similar the other week to an Ann Taylor/Marie Claire event. Those booties make this outfit, right?
Hue Tuxedo Ponte leggings | Calvin Klein leopard print booties from Nordstrom Rack | Wine Studded bag from T.J.Maxx | Tiffany & Co sunglasses

Sooo, if you couldn't tell, this is my very first outfit post! I'm a little scared about what you all will think since this is my first time doing something like this for my blog. Granted, I did something similar for Tres Chic Mama when I was pregnant, but I guess I'm a little rusty because it felt nerve-wracking to do it this time around. I mean, it was really fun to put together outfits, but having a photo-shoot while Cora's napping and trying to squeeze it in a 45 minute window is a bit daunting and stressful to say the least.

I've thought about doing an outfit post for some time now and didn't get the motivation until I spotted this shirt. My friend, Meg, told me about the site, sheinside.com, and how they have clothes that look strangely similar to brands we know like Zara at a fraction of the cost. I immediately checked it out and found this top that I knew had to be added to my Fall wardrobe. It's such a versatile top that I was able to come up with four different outfits from it. I'm sure there are a ton more ways to style it, but these four are the ways I would wear it. And even within these four, you could switch out the accessories and come up with a completely new outfit to make it more appropriate for work (all depends on where you work of course), a night out on the town, or brunch with the girls. Hope you guys like it! Please leave me a comment if you do, I'm still debating if I'm going to do another outfit post so feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Beige Long Sleeve Contrast Chiffon Ruffle T-Shirt- $22!

Black & Gold rings from Nordstrom Rack | J.Crew tassel necklace (similar necklace) | Julie Vos cuff | Vintage chain link watch from Shop Proper Hunt

I'm obsessed with these Calvin Klein leopard print booties!

H&M skirt | J.Crew bracelet (similar) | Vintage chain link watch from Shop Proper Hunt | Wine Studded bag from T.J.Maxx | Asos Heeled Sandals

J.Crew bracelet (similar) | Vintage chain link watch from Shop Proper Hunt | Stella & Dot ring



Zara Vamp heels (similar) | Hue Tuxedo Ponte leggings

J.Crew tassel necklace (similar necklace) | Vince Camuto clutch from T.J.Maxx | Vintage chain link watch from Shop Proper Hunt | Julie Vos cuff | Gold & rhinestone bangle from Just the Thing

Mavi Serena Jeans | Ralph Lauren boots from T.J.Maxx | Kate Spade bag (similar) | Tiffany & Co sunglasses

Kate Spade Mom Always Says Idiom Bangle (similar) | Vintage chain link watch from Shop Proper Hunt | Kate Spade bag (similar) | Gold & rhinestone bangle from Just the Thing


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  1. I love this, Christina! You look beautiful and that top is KILLER. more outfit posts, please!

    1. @Libby- thank you SO much Libby!!! Having you say that gives me such a boost to do more! ;) xo

  2. You are GORGEOUS and I love all the outfits you put together. Aren't you glad you got those RL booties? :) Great post, my dear!

    1. LWT- thank you darling!!! Yes! I am SO glad I got those boots - such a find at TJMaxx!! Can we have another girls day?? Xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. @Sara- thank you so much Sara!!! I'm so glad that you like this!! Makes me feel so much better about doing outfit posts ;) xo

  4. I absolutely love this post! The way that you styled the top makes it look very chic & expensive, I would have never guessed it was only $22. I can't even pick a favorite way you styled it because they're all perfect <3

    1. @Rich and Poor- thank you so much!! I'm totally speechless that you think that!! Just made my day!!

  5. I am smitten with the first photo! You are a born model, keep rockin' it.

    1. @Kerry- oh my goodness, I don't know about that but I am SO glad you like the post!! Thank you SO much Kerry!! xx

  6. I love the top and the post is great! Don't be scared, its awesome! I am off to check out the top's website!

    1. @Jamie- haha thank you!! I'm feeling a lot more confident now with you all saying these wonderful things ;) xoxo

  7. That shirt!! I adore it. I've never seen anything like it. So cute, and I love how you styled it in all the looks. Fabulous.

    1. @Jackie- thanks so much Jackie!! I felt the exact same way and just had to buy it asap ;) xo

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  9. YOu look amazing! And I cannot believe I totally missed you at the Marie Claire/AT event!!! I was there too, I left right after the speakers were done though.
    Brunch soon?

    1. @Rosa- thank you Rosa!!! I can't believe we missed each other?! I practically stayed the whole time, haha ;) yes, lets do brunch!! You always go to the best places, I must tag along :)

  10. Anyone worried about finding those leopard booties at Rack, they are also available on Zappos site. So cute.


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