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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It's been a long time coming, but here is Cora's playroom! I should probably mention that this is in no way a final reveal of her space. It's rather an in-progress update. Because things take so long to complete, I just wanted to share with you guys what's been happening so far since it's been in the works for some time. We've had it set up for a few weeks now, and we still have a few more things to get and do but for the most part it is complete! She's been enjoying her new room and I am so happy that we decided to create it for her. In addition to creating her playroom, we got our living/family room back. What I mean is, our living/family room was a makeshift playroom complete with a giant playpen filled with all of her toys and books. But now that she has a playroom, we've been able to move all of her toys and books upstairs and most importantly (to me at least), remove the eyesore of a playpen that took up so much space in our living/family room. Yay to restoring it back to a somewhat grown-up space! Don't get me wrong, the playpen was a life-saver for that chunk of time when she first started to walk. But seeing it every time I come down the stairs was not exactly what I wanted to see in our main living space.

As I mentioned before, we still have a few more things to get for the space. Like some more lighting, specifically a chandelier, even though Steve dislikes overhead lighting (I'm trying to change his mind about this general statement). Then there is the major issue of the fabric that came with the cushions for the storage benches we got from Ikea. You'll see below, but they just do not jive with the rest of the room. And a gallery wall needs to happen above the t.v. I'm slow to collect artwork since it's the holidays and it's not exactly a priority regarding the budget, but I promise you it'll happen as soon as the holidays are over. The one thing we are getting before the holidays is a play table. We thought we were going to get one from Ikea, but it turns out that they're all really, really lightweight and Cora could easily turn it over or climb on it and break it. Yes, she is a climber. No, she did not get that from me. Once we find a heavy-duty one, we'll add it to her room.

I've been debating whether or not window treatments are a necessity and I think we're going to hold off on this one for a while. It's not as if we need privacy in that room so really no rush. We've got some white faux wood blinds in there from when it was our guest room so we've left them there for now.

But I'll let you get to the photos instead of all this talk. Enjoy!!

Had to add some holiday cheer to her playroom with the lit garland. And thank you to Birdaria for this lovely Hearts Canvas Wall Art gift for Cora's playroom! It's perfect!



You know Steve had to have this in her playroom. But ya know, it actually works well in here.

Remember this painting that Steve created for Cora's 1st birthday party? Here it is! We still haven't put it up on the walls, but we'll eventually do that. And the Ikea storage benches were the perfect storage solution for this space. And don't worry, I'm having the cushions recovered as soon as I find the right fabric...

We had to get these adorable rattan chairs for her play table, right? And a play table is on the list of things still to get.




Those HomeGoods bins I picked up a while ago are seriously the perfect catch-all for her toys and puzzles.

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  1. Adorable start! I just love kids spaces :) I could look at them all day. Can't wait to see the gallery wall and the benches after they're recovered!

  2. @Reichel - Thank you Reichel!! Coming from you that means A LOT!! Fingers crossed I get it finished soon because I itching to do a full before & after for you all ;)

  3. Love it all! Cora's a lucky little lady :)

    Xx Jana

    1. Thank you so much Jana!! Coming from you, someone who creates gorgeous spaces, it means a lot to me ;) xo


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