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Holiday Wish List // For The Jewelry Hoarder

Friday, December 13, 2013

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You knew it was coming. I had to create an entire wish list (or gift guide) solely dedicated to jewelry. I'm too much of a jewelry hoarder not to have done it. Plus, who doesn't love getting jewelry as a gift? Although, I will say that sometimes I find myself anxious about buying other people jewelry because it really is such a personal thing to give. What I mean is, when you think about buying jewelry for yourself, more often than not you "fall in love" with a piece, rather than just buying something casually and saying that you'll wear it whenever. You're usually purchasing jewelry because you either absolutely love it OR you're buying it because you both A) love it and B) it'll go with an outfit you have in mind. Am I right? Or maybe it's just how I go about buying jewelry. Money doesn't grow on trees for most of us so I'm going to assume that jewelry is more on the luxury items list rather than the necessity list.

BUT, there are certain pieces that I think anyone will fall in love with and that is what this board contains. They're all statement-ey pieces (both bold and subtle) that I think will work in anyone's jewelry repertoire and I can't imagine anyone not wanting these items. I'll just go ahead and state for the record that I wouldn't mind if I got all of these on Christmas morning. Just saying...

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