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Monday, December 09, 2013

{Parkhurst Faux Fur Hat, Fringed Cardigan from Here.a pop-up shop, Old Navy Cross Body Bag, Zara booties, Dittos Medium Wash Jeans}

Happy Monday everyone! I normally don't do outfit posts on a Monday, but this week I wanted to start off with a bang. Plus, I wanted to show you how to wear this Fringed Cardigan from Here.a pop-up shop well before their popup shop closes (Dec. 15th). Because if there is one thing you should add to your wardrobe now, it's the fringed cardigan. It goes with everything and is so easy to wear. I literally just threw this on top of a camisole with my Dittos Brand jeans and I was set to go. And it's great for lounging around at home (which I would totally do), wearing out while you're doing errands, or meeting with friends. I liked the idea of wearing it with a faux fur hat (to stay extra warm if you're out and about, plus I'm having a total Anna Karenina moment this winter, hehe), some jeweled booties, and of course, the ever-practical cross-body bag.

It's such a staple item right now and if you're local to Annapolis or MD/DC/VA, you've got to stop by and check out this cardigan at Here.a pop-up shop, because you will never want to take it off. So hurry and get yours now!




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