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Monday, January 06, 2014


Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? All I want to do is just crawl back into bed. That's what this freezing cold is making me want to do. What happened to the 70 degrees that we had just a few weeks ago? Steve always jokes around saying that this is the time of year when I incessantly talk about moving to California or somewhere warm. And he's absolutely right! Because I just can't stand this cold! I wasn't built for it! I was born in Hawaii so I am all about the warmer temps. But if it's going to be cold, then let me stay in bed and get all cozied up. Right??

I wouldn't mind staying in one of these bedrooms. Nope, not one bit. I like all sorts of interiors, but when it comes to our bedroom, I've found that I really gravitate towards clean lines, a lot of white space but with some pops of color. These images of bedrooms are some of my faves out there and they really inspire me to create a similar feel in our bedroom. Tomorrow, I'll be sharing some photos of our bedroom so make sure to come back!

Let me just hit the snooze button a few more times…




{Tish Key Interior Design}

{Lily Bunn Interiors}

{Sarah Richardson}

{Melissa Warner Rothblum}

{Kara Mann}
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