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Wish List // Where Are You, Spring?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Parker Silk Jumper / Mallorca Pendant / Citrus Grove Pouch / Schutz Celia Sandal / Scout Layered Frill Bikini / Floral Jacquard Mini / Tropical Banana Leaves Watercolor Print}

As I write this (last night), the snow is falling down outside and I am O-V-E-R it. Don't hate me, but after New Year's Day, I don't want to see snow until the holidays roll around again. Snow messes up schedules and changes things up too much. And I'm all for staying in and being all cozy, but when all you do (because of the snow and cold temps) is stay inside and eat NONSTOP, it gets to be too much. I need to get outside and get my cardio on or something, so what I say is please stay away snow and don't come back until the holidays later this year. Thank you.

We recently nailed down a group trip to Florida to visit our good friends who live there and I cannot tell you how excited I am to hang out with my best friends for a good 4 days in warm, sunny Naples. All I can think about is being out in the sun (with spf of course), the clothes I'll get to wear (need to buy some self-tanner asap), and enjoying the company of my best friends. Can you blame me for being super excited about this, especially with this polar vortex happening? Well, with all this looking forward to warmth, I couldn't help myself but to create this board full of things that get me ready for Spring.

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