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Monday, February 03, 2014


Hi guys! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Ours was jam-packed and yet there was still enough down-time for me to rest a little since I was recovering from a lingering cold. But don't worry, I'm all better now and am so glad it didn't take two weeks to recover like the last time I got sick.

My fun weekend all started on Friday at my friend, Caitlin's, house for a Glitter Guide photo shoot. I cannot wait for you all to see the photos, because we had such a good time getting our DIY on. As you can see in the photo above, it was most definitely the prettiest photo shoot ever.

Painted in Waterlogue
Have you guys seen the new Waterlogue app and what it can do to your photos?? I'm obsessed and I think the rest of the digital world is too. These were flowers that I had Instagram'ed on Friday and thought I would try it out with the new app. And I think it's safe to say that it is prettier than the original photo.

Because Steve and I work from home, our house had slowly turned into a toddler play space. Even though we created a playroom for Cora, the living room (where we watch tv and hang out most of the time) was also turning into another play area for her. And well, we were getting tired of not having a grown-up space for us. So we decided to rearrange the furniture to create a space that would be more functional for us as a family as well as when we entertain. And I have to tell you that we are in love with just the simple act of rearranging the furniture. Here's just a small peek at a new vignette that was created. Steve is planning on creating a giant oil painting to go above the chairs.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to tell you guys this, but in the past month or so, we've noticed that at certain times when we adjust ourselves on our sofa, it makes this sound like it's going to fall apart. It sounds like the beams inside are shifting or doing something that they shouldn't be, because it really does sound like it's going to come crashing down underneath us. Even before we started hearing this sound, Steve has always been adamantly for a leather Chesterfield sofa. I am not a big fan of leather sofas. They look great and are absolutely the easiest to clean, but I just love the plushness of a fabric sofa. So, as a compromise, we decided to check out an upholstered Chesterfield sofa at Pottery Barn. It is a beautiful sofa and the gray color they offer is gorgeous, but it just wasn't as plush as I had hoped it would be. So it's out of the running. But we do have another one at PB that we like and want to see if we can find it in an actual store to try out and just see in person.

I'll keep you all posted on the living room situation (sofa decisions and all), but in the meantime we have decided to go ahead and get plantation shutters for the room. Another one of Steve's request in terms of decorating the house. He's always loved the idea of having plantation shutters and for once I am acquiescing. I do see the value in having them and if/when we sell this house, it'll be a great selling point. Which is why wallpapering our entryway has been put on hold (yet again) since the plantation shutters are a bit more practical right now. I'm super bummed about this decision, but at the same time I'm really excited to have plantation shutters. Steve has promised that we'll get the entryway wallpapered as soon as we have the budget for it, so I'm hoping that can happen within the first half of this new year. Because I am dying to get my Palm Leaves up on the walls.

I think I sufficiently filled you guys in on our weekend - hope it wasn't too boring! I hope you all have a great Monday!!

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  1. Definitely will have to download that watercolor app. The changes to your dining room look great! Especially the accent wall. I may have to do that in my dining room. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Thanks so much Amanda!! That really means a lot to hear you say that!! Paint an accent wall and let me know how it goes!! Xoxo

  2. I'm so obsessed with the Waterlogue app...it makes everything look even prettier!

    1. Oh, I know!!! I have to tell myself that I can't be on it for too long or else I'll be neglecting Cora!! Haha ;)


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