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Weekend Recap // Our Naples Trip!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

naples 2
Lunch and shopping with the girls on 5th Ave.

We're back from Naples and I am finally sharing a recap of our trip! We were there for 4nts/5 days and really packed it in with everything that we wanted to do. We are still recovering from all the fun we had. It's hard to believe how fast it all went, but I guess that's how fun vacations go, right?

We stayed at our good friends', Lindsey & John, gorgeous new house and didn't want to ever leave. As you'll see in the photos below, their house is stunning. I wish I had taken more photos of their house than just the one I took below, but we were having too much fun that I completely forgot! Their back patio and pool area are what dreams are made of and it was an absolute dream to relax in that space.

One of the days we were there, the girls and I got to have some time alone so we went downtown to grab some lunch at Cafe Lurcat and enjoyed our meal with some live music while dining al fresco. It was the perfect way to spend time with each other and to relax for a little bit. And yes, we of course went shopping afterwards. That's our usual MO, hehe. Right after lunch, we stopped by Peach Tree Designs and we all loved so many of the pieces there. I particularly loved the artwork they had as you can see below. They also had this gorgeous Campaign dresser that I so wanted to take home even though we have no place for it or money for it.

Our days were filled with leisurely mornings for the girls, golf for the guys, and beach time filling in the rest of the time. Linds and John were amazing hosts, taking us to some of their favorite spots that they enjoy and it was so special & fun to enjoy it all together as a group. We don't get that many opportunities for us all to hang out as a group, so it's always a wonderful time when we get to.

For those of you wondering, Cora was pretty much a complete angel on the airplane ride, which is a total 180 from the last time we flew with her, so that was an amazing way to start the trip. On the way home, it wasn't as smooth but she kept it together for the most part and even snoozed a bit.

I'll stop talking now so that you can take a look at the photos to see what we were up to!

naples 3
The prettiest little corridor ever.

naples 1

naples 8
Spelling lessons on the beach.

naples 16
This sums up the entire trip with these two cuties. Holding hands was the name of the game, although I think Cora came off too strong at times.

naples 10
Having some fun with daddy.

naples 12
This girl loves the beach. All she wanted to do was walk in the water and play with the sand.

naples 9
Cora's pretty happy because she's with her Aunt Lauren at the Ritz for lunch.

naples 11
We stayed at our good friends', John & Lindsey, house and it was a dream.

naples 14

naples 4
During our girls outing, we stopped by Peach Tree Designs after lunch and enjoyed looking at all of the pieces they had. I couldn't help myself and snapped away at some of my faves including this gorgeous Campaign dresser.

naples 5

naples 6

naples 7

naples 15
The daddy's and daughters. Had to snap a pic of the lushness (is that even a word?) of that restaurant. So pretty!

naples 17
I don't think any of us have ever laughed so hard as when we were playing this game. Oh, yes and who could forget Lord Mud making his first appearance playing this game. Lord Mud is Steve's comedic 'alter ego' and I'll most definitely have to share more on this at another time.

naples 13
Until next time Naples!

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