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TGIF // Cora's Birthday

Friday, May 09, 2014

TGIF!! And a Happy Birthday to my Cora! She turns two today! I woke up this morning thinking, oh my gosh, this time two years ago she was born and somehow those two years flew by. I mean flew by and I can't believe she's already this big girl who can talk and have ideas for herself (sometimes really mischievous ideas at that) and who is the most loving little thing in this entire world. Golly, I'm going to get all teary-eyed writing this, but I guess that's how most parents feel when their babes get older, huh? I can hear Steve saying "Happy Birthday Cora" to her now while he changes her diaper (somehow, really a miracle, I woke up early to get my day started before she woke up so I'm downstairs in the kitchen as I type this) and I don't think she fully understands what a birthday is (duh, she's only two!) but it's so cute to see her get excited because we're getting excited for it.

I've (of course) made big plans for her party, which is this Sunday. Yes, I realize that I planned this on Mother's Day (I really had no idea I did that, whoops!), but it turns out that it's perfect because both of our moms will be there to celebrate her birthday, along with all of our family members, so it'll be a great way to celebrate both Cora's birthday and Mother's Day altogether. So getting back to the plans of this celebration. It always helps me when I have some kind of theme (hate saying a theme, but just something to tie it all together), so this year for Cora's party, we've decided on having a Flower Market theme!

I've got a few more items to pick up, but so far I've got the items below. I'm hoping I can get everything I need today including the flowers. This is such a great theme not just for a birthday party or any kind of fĂȘte, but also for Mother's Day, right? Wish me luck as I try to get everything done!

coras flower market party

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