Weekend Recap // Fourth of July

Monday, July 07, 2014

photo 3

What a great Fourth of July weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends! Ours started off right away on Thursday night with an overnight stay at our good friends', David & Lauren, house. We were able to get away for one night all thanks to my parents and Steve's mom, who were so wonderful to give us a much needed break with our friends in the city.

On our night in the city, we had a fantastic meal at Belga Cafe - I highly recommend all of the beef dishes because all four of us got different beef entrees (the short ribs are out of this world!) and each was amazing. Then the next day Lauren and I went out to a lovely brunch while the guys went golfing. After brunch, we stopped at Nordstrom Rack and we made it out of there like bandits - there was just tons of goodies there!

We didn't actually get to go and watch the fireworks this year because we thought it would be frightening to Cora (she doesn't like loud, booming noises). But we did get to see a few fireworks during our neighborhood block party. One of our neighbors had a ton of fireworks and we had a blast lighting them up. The last one we lit up turned out to be almost as good as the fireworks you see during a real show, so I'm going to take that as seeing real fireworks this year.

photo 3
So pretty that I had to take a pic even though we didn't eat there.

photo 2
If I told you guys how many photos we took to get a good one of us, you wouldn't believe me. Here we are post-dinner trying to get a good pic. And the dress I'm wearing is from Old Navy and I highly recommend it. Easy to wear and on sale now!

photo 1
I would go back to Belga Cafe just for this vanilla waffle dessert. Lauren and I couldn't stop eating it!

photo 1
The newest item coming soon to the shop!

photo 2
More watercolor painting happened this weekend and it just made me so happy to be able to do it.

photo 4
The only way to start the day after partying with your neighbors is with McDonalds. Even have Cora into getting McDs on the weekends.

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