Recipes // Blueberry Hand Pies, Creamy Chicken and Rice, & a Thai Rice Noodle Bowl

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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I was really craving some blueberry hand pies (I think I'm just craving anything and everything to do with warmer weather), so I used Camille Styles recipe. The only thing I didn't follow in the recipe is ready-made Pillsbury pie crust and it turned out beautifully. It was

Hi guys! I realized after I had Instagrammed my Thai rice noodle bowl last night, that I hadn't shared the other two recipes that I made a few weeks before. So without further ado, bon app├ętit!

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I'm a huge fan of one-pot meals and this Creamy Chicken and Rice does not disappoint. It also made so much that we were able to freeze another dinner sized portion for the three of us for another night. And if you need any more convincing, Cora is o b s e s s e d with this dish.

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Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines to eat, but it's somewhat on the pricey side for a week night takeout meal. So I thought, why not try to find a recipe that satisfies my Thai cravings (been having a lot of those during this pregnancy) and that's easy for someone who's never made Thai food before. This Thai rice noodle bowl is so easy and absolutely fool-proof. Most of you know that between Steve and I, I am not the cook so when I cook something and it actually turns out good enough for the resident chef, you know it's a recipe to try out.

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