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Spotlight // Hyla DeWitt Jewelry

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


You guys know how much I love jewelry, right? I'm a bauble fiend, so when I discovered Hyla DeWitt's jewelry line, I was overjoyed because it's so unique from other jewelry brands you see nowadays. It's definitely jewelry for grownups, which I love. It doesn't feel too frou frou, is totally statement making, and has just a hint of the kind of exotic that really pulls me in.

The other day, I got the most lovely package sent to me from Hyla herself (thank you SO much!) and I just couldn't help but not do a quick photo shoot wearing her gorgeous earrings. I seriously want to wear these earrings every.single.day. I did a roundup of just a handful of her pieces that I am obsessed with. Check them out below!

How pretty are these babies?

1. Sophie Necklace / 2. Evie Yellow Earrings / 3. Cersei Labradorite Tassel Necklace / 4. Chap Tassel Earrings / 5. Norell Earrings / 6. Georgiana Cuff Lapis / 7. Vickie Necklace / 8. Ellie Crystal Earrings / 9. Nova Emerald Earrings / 10. Druzy Tassel Necklace / 11. Lilth Necklace

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