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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bay Breeze Seating

I hope I'm not jumping the gun here by talking about patio furniture, but just the little taste of warmer weather we've been getting has me and Steve thinking about redoing our deck furniture. Actually, we've been wanting to redecorate our deck area for a while now, we're kind of sick of the current dining table and chairs situation. We've got one of those typical wrought iron dining sets and as nice as it is to dine al fresco, the chairs are just so cumbersome and uncomfortable. I think we're both wanting a place that's more of a lounge space more than a dining space and so that leads us to the pics above and below. We love everything about the pieces in the above photo, but the more we think about that chaise (absolutely LOVE it), we think the sofa below will accommodate more seating when we entertain. So the sofa below plus the two chairs above and possibly even the rug too are what we think would make for a great outdoor space to lounge at.

Pasadena Outdoor Daybed

Below are a few more pieces that I've been loving for the home.

Emerald Fiddle Fig Leaf I by Catherine Jones
Found Catherine Jones' site via Instagram and am absolutely loving the simplicity of her fiddle fig leaf prints.

Caitlin Wilson Textiles Multi Confetti Moroccan Rug
Have you guys checked out Caitlin Wilson's newest rug line?? I'm obsessed. Like really obsessed. I'm thinking this particular rug would be so perfect for Cora's big girl room.

Leopard on Ink by Caitlin McGauley
I knew you could purchase Caitlin McGauley's prints on her site, but I discovered last night (on Instagram, gotta love IG) that she sells her prints on Tiger Flower Studio's website and I kind of went ballistic about it. All of her paintings are amazing. I mean they literally blow my mind at how she can do it using watercolors. I suggest you check her site along with Tiger Flower Studio's to see all of her gorgeous pieces.

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