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Weekend Recap // Home Updates, Fab Food, & Museum Fun

Monday, March 02, 2015

photo 1
I'm thinking this Hygge and West wallpaper is going to be perfect for a statement wall in Cora's new big girl room.

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was super packed with lots of fun & food with our friends and family. Friday and Saturday were all about stuffing our faces with amazing food. It all started at our good friend, David's parents house, to celebrate his birthday. His mom and dad feasted us with an amazing lamb meal and finished it off with a homemade ice cream cake. That may sound innocent and all but I kid you not when I say that ice cream cake was the best thing I've ever eaten. Then I continued my food-filled weekend at my sister-in-law's baby sprinkle (how cute is that??) at Paladar. There were tons of great food and fabulous company, I just didn't want it to end! And to round out the weekend, we continued the food fest with a homemade pizza party with our friends. It was a great excuse to try all sorts of pizza and have fun together.

Even though we got some freezing rain/snow on Saturday night, it didn't stop us from having more fun on Sunday at the Museum of Natural History in DC. We figured it wouldn't be too busy because of the weather, and well Cora really needed to expend some energy. She was kind of bouncing off the walls being cooped up in the house. It's funny, on our way there, Steve and I couldn't even remember the last time we had been to the Museum of Natural History and boy were we surprised at how modern the exhibits were. I think we both were expecting to see some dated looking displays, but we were pleasantly surprised. Guess that just goes to show how long it's been since we were there last, huh?

photo 2
When you're near a Free People, a pop-in is a must. This top caught my eye along with everything else.

photo 3
I went in to Francesca's to check out there hat selection, but instead these two pieces made their way into my dressing room. Unfortunately, they didn't work for my growing bump (should've just gotten it for post-pregnancy), but I just had to share with you guys cause they both look much more high end then their price tag revealed.

photo 1
That non-alcoholic strawberry mojito was gone in about 20 seconds.

photo 2
I love pizza and salad and friends. Such a perfect night.

photo 3
It was kind of surreal to see my daughter in front of that memorable elephant because so many times have I been the one to be photographed in front of it as a child.

photo 1
The orchid exhibit completely transported me to a tropical place and I did not want to leave. Unfortunately, Cora had other ideas, but I was glad to have snapped a few pics.

photo 2
And with the Korea exhibit, Steve and I could've spent more time in there but Cora was clearly on a different schedule. A quick run-through was all she could handle.

photo 3
My absolute favorite exhibit has been and I think always will be the gem stone exhibit. I mean, how can you not love seeing these gorgeous gems? Well, I guess it is a bit torturous but still.

photo 4
I'll take that tiara and necklace, please.

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