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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Old Navy Striped Linen Blend Top & Gap Pleated Jogger Pants

Dressing Cora has been one of my favorite things to do because well, she's like my little doll that I can play dress up with. Or it used to be that way, but nowadays she's got strong opinions of her own when it comes to her outfits. In fact, just in the past 2 weeks, she's insisted that she pick out her clothes. I, of course, will give my two cents whenever she creates an outfit, which she'll either agree or disagree with, but mostly disagreeing with. So you can imagine how happy I was when she agreed to wear this top & pants combo I suggested and then wear it again on another day! I really think it's cause its an extremely comfy outfit, so I guess I'm not all that surprised she likes it because she does choose her outfits based on comfort more than anything. She's definitely her mother's daughter when it comes to comfort being a top priority. Makes me so proud.

The other day when she was wearing this outfit, I was just taking some pictures of her, not really thinking that it would be an outfit post of hers but after looking at the photos and realizing that I hadn't shared a Cora's Closet post in a looong time, I figured why not share these pics?


She heard our neighbors out back and decided to spy on them.

She's obsessed with the Mojito Mint plant we have. I don't blame her. It smells amazing.

Dr. Cora in the house.

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