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Week Recap // Our Puerto Rico Trip

Monday, May 11, 2015

We love this shot so much that we're thinking of blowing it up and hanging it up in our living room. I'll let you know how it goes...

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was absolutely perfect. It was the kind of weekend you'd want to have after coming back from the most perfect vacation ever. We spent both Saturday and Sunday with family and it was just so great to celebrate Mother's Day and Cora's 3rd birthday with everyone.

If you followed our trip to Puerto Rico on my Instagram account, then you've got a general sense of what we did. Pool, beach, eat, sleep, and repeat. But I wanted to share more photos from the trip here because, well, I took a gazillion cause it was just so darn pretty there! As much as I love my iPhone, it just doesn't do the subject justice sometimes. So without further ado, here is our Puerto Rico vacation!

Our digs for the week. We had a room with a walk-out to the beach and it was just heavenly. I kid you not, the walk to the beach was about 15 seconds.

This bathroom was everything. I now need an outdoor shower and stand alone tub in my next home.

A view of our room from the beach.

Pure paradise.

photo 4
Breakfast as Jose Andres' Mi Casa restaurant is no joke.

Encanto Beach Club was our spot for lunch. I couldn't get enough of this view and their panzanella salad.

photo 1
One of the few snaps of me and my mini-me.

photo 3
I found this shirtdress from Marshall's and wore it like a coverup along with my DIY Pom Pom beach tote.

photo 2
The light sculpture in Jose Andres' restaurant was just too amazing not to take a picture of.

A pool with a view, right?

I swear, I gasped when we first got to the pool. Have you ever seen anything more glamorous?


Hands for fins. I kind of need this in my house. I was really tempted to take one down and bring it home with me.

Cora rocking the retro vibe.


The beach tote was on major repeat.

Cora insisted on wearing her ratty loafers with her cute Lilly for Target jumpsuit much to my dismay.

My loves.

This needs some explaining. On our second to last day, Cora got stung by a bee for the first time. We were quite concerned because we didn't know if she was allergic to bee stings or not. She was quite upset about the whole thing and the resort staff was just as concerned for her as we were. After a few hours, it looked like she wasn't allergic, just really upset about the whole thing. She kept saying, "that bee was mean to me," with the cutest, saddest face she could make. Later that night at dinner, our personal concierge, Antonio, told us that the resort really wanted to cheer Cora up and knowing that her birthday was coming up, wanted to do something special for her before we go home. So they sent Cinderella (one of the girls working at the kids activity center dressed up as Cinderella), a photographer/videographer, and the medic to our room to deliver a personalized birthday cake to Cora and to escort her around the resort. To say that we were blown away by this special and thoughtful act is an understatement. Cora was in complete awe that her favorite princess, Cinderella, came to see her and we were too. These polaroids were taken during her visit around the resort with Cinderella and we cannot thank the Ritz Carlton for this wonderful memento. Now, the only problem is how are we going to top her birthday next year??

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