Good Rug Pads Are Like Spanx

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Good rug pads are like Spanx. I never realized how nice, and practical, and comfortable a good rug pad can be. In the recent past, we've always purchased rug pads as an afterthought to the purchasing of a new rug. I'd end up getting one of those rug pads that are really thin and are made up of interlocking grids and honestly, they do an okay job at keeping the rug in place but never feel good on the feet once placed underneath the rug. But, when you get a really good rug pad, oh man does it change your thinking in terms of rug pads. And today, I'm sharing a discount code with you guys so you can get a really good rug pad too!

I say that good rug pads are like Spanx, because they're like really good underpinnings for a rug. They are not only soft on the feet (and your butt if you're planning on sitting on the rug), but also they keep your rug in place and most importantly, help prolong the life of your floors, especially if you have wood floors. With some of the inexpensive rug pads out there, they're most likely made out of PVC (which can be toxic to us). Not to get too gross here, but they're known to breed odor causing bacteria (no one wants that!), and the chemicals can marr and discolor the finish on your wood floors over time.

As someone who has small children and finds them (and myself) playing on the floor all the time, it's now so key to have rug pads that will help cushion the floor and keep our rugs in place. We recently started re-decorating Steve's office space to serve the dual purchase of office and family room. That included getting a new rug and a rug pad since we knew the girls would be playing on the floor in there. It's all about tummy time for Vivi these days. We also replaced the settee that was in there with a new leather couch and ottoman. But getting back to the new rug and rug pad. This is where Rug Pad USA came in and helped us with finding the right rug pad for our family. They had contacted me and brought to my attention their amazing products (eco-friendly and made in the U.S.A.) and I am so glad they did! I told them about how we were in need of a rug pad for our new rug and they helped me pick one out. They suggested the Premium Lock Pad at the 7/16" thickness since our girls would be playing on it. And they offered to cut it down an inch on all sides so that the rug would taper over the edges of the pad. That way the pad isn't visible at all. How great is that? Because of the natural rubber backing of the pad, it never slips. It's kept the rug in place even after many play sessions and I can't tell you how easy that makes life, because I can't stand having to constantly readjust a rug.

Here comes the part you've been waiting for, the discount code! Rug Pad USA is offering you guys 15% off your purchase with the code PR15OFF, so that you can get in on this good rug pad action. I promise you guys, it will change your life, it's that good.

Check out the Before & After of the office/additional family room. You'll be able to see how substantial the rug pad is and that the rug does taper over it on all sides! And the room isn't completely done yet, just wanted to show you what's been done so far (remember the walls being blue?)! We still need to style the bar/console table and get some artwork above it.


















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