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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Long Sleeve Tee / Original Tights / Quilted Vest / Nike Zoom Winflo 2 / Orbit G2 Stroller

I now I have no excuse not to workout. And I'm okay with that. I told myself that one of my New Year's resolutions would be to work out, not for the purposes of losing weight (although I will welcome that if it happens), but to just get healthy and not get out of breath when I walk up the stairs while holding my baby. Yes, it's gotten that bad. You would think with two children under the age of 4, I'd be in tip top shape with guns a blazin', but sadly nope that is not the case. I may be able to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes but that doesn't mean my core is strong or any other muscle group for that matter.

With my resolution now out in the open (to keep me accountable!) and with a big help from Crane and Lion, I now can say that I have no excuse not to workout. With really comfy, cute, and functional clothes to workout in, it makes me feel good about getting that long walk in, or getting my yoga on. Just with any other reason to get dressed, if you look good in it, you probably feel good and who doesn't want to feel good when they're doing something as meh as working out. Am I right? And Crane and Lion has such an array of workout gear, whether you need a sports bra that's feminine but gives you support, or some capri tights to work up a sweat in, they've got it all and in really chic colors too.

Check out the photos below to see how I wore some stylish pieces from Crane and Lion to start getting back in shape!


Notice that the end of the sleeves have thumb holes - love that! Keeps my hands a little warmer which is great when I'm walking Vivi around outside.


These leggings are tight but comfy and they keep things in place if you know what I mean. And they keep you really warm out in the cold!


The quilted vest is soft to the touch yet structured when you put it on. Not that I'm trying to look like a sexpot or anything when I'm working out, but it's nice to wear something that shows off a feminine shape and this vest does just that.



This post was created in partnership with Crane and Lion. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that keep this blog going!


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