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Thursday, March 03, 2016


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It's here! Shopbop's biggest sale of the year! I've rounded up some of my absolute favorites on their site! Here are the deets to the sale:

Spend $250+ Save 15%
Spend $500+ Save 20%
Spend $1000+ Save 25%
With code: BIGEVENT16

It you've ever wanted one of those adorable Eliza Gran totes, now is the time to snag them. And hurry too because they're selling out fast! Those fringed flats are in my shopping cart - I can see myself wearing them ALL the time. This top is going to be perfect for our beach vacation! And I couldn't help but share three coverups, I mean seriously, you can't have too many. You just can't. Plus, these take you from the beach during the day to cocktails at night. Especially this one. Okay, time for me to get some shopping done!

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