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Recap // WHIT at Wrabyn Event

Monday, May 02, 2016

Wendy of Wrabyn, Whitney Pozgay of WHIT, and lil ol' me.

Happy Monday! What a jam-packed weekend we had! My weekend fun began a little early on Thursday evening at Wrabyn where Whitney Pozgay of WHIT made a special appearance during a WHIT trunk show. I was lucky enough to host the event with Wrabyn and meet Whitney, the designer of WHIT, all while shopping the current collection and previewing the Fall collection (more on that below!). Despite the weather being a bit on the drab side, it didn't stop us ladies from having fun shopping, sipping champagne, and talking fashion with Whitney.

I was most nervous about meeting Whitney, this successful fashion designer who makes clothes that I just adore, because gosh, what do I talk about with her? She knows so much more about fashion than I ever will and just knowing that made me feel so intimidated about the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, I was equally excited to meet her because of the fact that she is a successful fashion designer and there was so much to chat about and learn from her.

Well, I can tell you that she was an absolute sweetheart (did you read her Q&A with me?), so gracious and genuinely interested in anything I had to talk about (so fun talking about the looks in her Fall Lookbook with her!). She got to meet Steve, Cora, and Vivi (they stopped by so that Cora could see mommy at a fashion event) and was so sweet in talking with them. And as if she couldn't be any cooler (because she totally is way cool), her clothes just were so wearable, fun, mood lifting, feminine, powerful, I mean they're really a great mix of all things that I look for in clothes. Gosh, and I'm obsessed with her Fall collection. It's pretty much perfect and I cannot wait to get my hands on a few pieces!

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Wendy and Whitney for letting me be a part of such a fun, inspiring event! And another huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out! Cannot wait for the next event!

The fab dress I got to wear for the event. It's such an easy dress to wear and SO comfortable!

Me checking out the Fall collection, which is UNBELIEVABLE. I mean, SO good, I can't even. There were stripes, ruffles, large scale floral prints, and more ruffles but all done with a polished restraint. So not too girly, but just feminine enough.

How gorgeous does Caitlin look?? I was so grateful to have her and our friends, Chrissy and Kim, come to the event. Thank you girls so much!

I couldn't keep away from the Fall line. Drooling some more.

Some sweet treats while we shop. And how amazing is that illustration that Whitney did for the event!

Dying over this coat. The 3/4 sleeves makes it easy to wear sweaters underneath and the ruffles, gah the ruffles! Classic shape with feminine details that make it extra unique. I am definitely pre-ordering this baby.


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