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A Bachelorette Party in Key Biscayne

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Almond croissants and a latte are my jam on mornings on vacation.

I'm back from the wonderful bachelorette party I went to in Key Biscayne, Florida with my bffs and feel rested, rejuvenated, and relaxed. So relaxed that it took me this long to recap the trip until now! Ahh, it was just this past weekend, but feels so long ago. Can I go back, please? It's funny, before the trip, I was really anxious about leaving the girls, not because I was worried about leaving them with Steve, but more about my own anxieties being away from them because I'm with them all the time. And just getting on a plane. If you don't know by now, or maybe I haven't mentioned it, I am NOT a good flier. I rarely fly, so when I do, I seem to get all worked up about it thinking that I'm going to die from a plane crash and never see my family again. Totally morbid, right? But honestly, it's where my mind goes anytime I fly. Plus, the added stress of packing and going through security and all that good stuff, how can anyone not get anxious?

Regardless of my insecurities and morbid thoughts, I was super, SUPER excited to spend the weekend with my bffs in celebration of our Alicia getting engaged! And as conflicting as it sounds, also excited to have tons of mommy time away from the girls. Most especially the massage at the spa. My shoulders and back needed some love because carrying around a 20lb. baby all the time will give you aches and pains you didn't think possible. And lets not forget, working on my tan. Because, according to my mom, I look healthier that way.

Seeing my friends and celebrating Alicia just made my heart full and I cannot wait to be all together again for Alicia's wedding! It's going to be one big party! Now, I'll stop talking so you can follow along on our weekend of fun with some photos I snapped below.

We frequented The Key Pantry (at The Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne), the chicest coffee shop you've ever seen, throughout the whole trip. It's not just a coffee shop, but they offer sandwiches (both breakfast and lunch), fruit, yogurt, drinks, pastries, ice cream, and on top of that, they've got housewares that are super cute, and cheese and crackers to go with any WINE you pick up! Such a convenience so that you don't ever have to leave the resort.

Lauren and I got to the resort first so after we settled in and decorated the room for Alicia, we explored the grounds of The Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne. And let me tell you, it is beautiful! This piazza area with the fountain and palm trees in the background just sets the stage for the gorgeous beach perfectly.

Heading off to dinner to Cioppino's and I couldn't help but take a group selfie. When you're in a gold elevator, you take a #selfie. And btw, how good does Lindsey look? She's 26 weeks pregnant and looks ahhhmazing. Honestly looks like she's hiding a basketball underneath. #pregnancygoals
My outfit deets: J.Crew Classic Shirt-Dress in Gingham / Loeffler Randall Harper Espadrille Wedge Sandals / Zara Quilted Mini Cross-body Bag

Pool day all day. It was such a treat to relax at the pool sans kiddos, something that rarely happens for me. And let me tell you, I absolutely treasured it.
Outfit deets: Kayu Piñata Tote / Mango Straw Pamela Hat / Polo Ralph Lauren Bengal Stripe Tie-Front Triangle Bikini Top / Polo Ralph Lauren Bengal Stripe Tie-Front Triangle Bikini Bottom / O'Neill Lariat Duster Vest / Prada 54mm Sunglasses

We were starving after spending time at the pool and luckily for us there was a restaurant right next door.

We went off the resort to try out Costa Med at the recommendation of the concierge. It was very close to the resort and we were driven by the house car to make it even easier for us. The Ritz really knows how to take care of their clients.

Me trying to be cute and smelling the roses for a pic. Didn't really work out, hehe.
Outfit deets: Zara off shoulder dress / Loeffler Randall Harper Suede Espadrille Wedge Sandals / Zara Quilted Mini Cross-body Bag

After we got back from dinner, we were welcomed with this loveliness at our hotel room! The concierge remembered that we were celebrating a bachelorette party and sent this to our room. Such a special touch by the Ritz!

Our last day here and we went straight to the beach to soak in some sun.

Some of the best fried fish tacos I've ever had. So good!

Lindsey, Alicia (the bachelorette!), Lauren, and me. Love, love, love these girls.

Can I go back now?
Mango Straw Pamela Hat & Kayu Piñata Tote


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