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Monday, June 27, 2016


Happy Monday you guys! I hope your weekend was full of fun in the sun now that it's officially summer. It was Vivi's 1st birthday yesterday so we celebrated at the pool all weekend long. Exactly how we want to spend our weekends, soaking up the sun with family and friends. But don't worry, Vivi's getting a proper birthday party, it's just going to be a few weeks later to make sure that all family members can make it to celebrate with us. I don't think I'll go as big as I did for Cora's 1st birthday party (sorry Vivi!), but I'm going to make it as cute as possible without stressing myself out this time around.

Anywho, getting back to this past weekend. We were lucky enough to go to our friends' house for a pool party on Saturday (the girls had such a blast as did we), and then on Sunday we met with Caitlin and her family at the pool for more fun. It makes such a difference going to the pool with friends versus just our family of four. I mean it's still fun when we go with our girls, but let's be honest, having friends at the pool makes all the difference in the world. Makes parenting that much more fun when you have friends to talk to.

Enough with me talking, check out the pics below. And if you're not friends with me on snapchat, please do! I share a lot more there on the regular, so friend me! Username: properhunt.

Hope you all have a great start to the week!

How is this little baby of mine already one?! I can't believe it, I just want her to stay like this forever.

Rosé wine is all we've been drinking at this house.

Saw these sandals at the mall the other day and can't stop thinking about them. Love the muted colors in suede.

Our friends have been ridiculously generous and hospitable and have kept inviting us to their house for pool parties. They are seriously the best!

The pool house and I just can't get over how perfectly decorated it is.

My [lame] attempt at creating a Gray Malin-esque photo.

Cora being the best big sister ever by sharing gold fish with her baby sis. I seriously teared up when this was happening.

Vivi helping me put together an outfit. I think she approves.
Anthropologie Open Shoulder Tee / Zara Linen Flounce Skirt / Loeffler Randall Saskia Strappy Sandal

My babies <3


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