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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

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How was everyone's Labor Day weekend? Hopefully, it was a good one with lots of friends & family fun, and some pool time. We had some fun with friends, a little pool time (Vivi and I had to sit out since she caught a cold), and lots of family time. I think every year we always say that we'll make plans to go away somewhere but then time gets the best of us and before you know it, Labor Day weekend is here. But I definitely think we'll try to get away next year. Keep me accountable for saying that!

Okay, now that Labor Day has past, guess what's coming up? New York Fashion Week! And with that comes lots of good fashion, both on the runway and on the streets. Sadly, I won't be attending any shows but if I were going, you bet I'd be taking one (or two or three) of these handbags to NYC. The minute I saw this crossbody pouch, I fell in love. It's so luxurious & chic for Fall and into Winter and just a really fun bag. And a brand that I recently became obsessed with, S├ęzane, has this Abelle mini bag that is the kind of bag that I'm missing from my wardrobe.

So many good bags this season, it's going to be hard to pick and choose which to get and which to dream about!

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