Family Reunion Weekend and Our Stay at The Tides Inn

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We're back from our road trip to The Johnstons family reunion and boy was it so good to see family that we don't get to see very often. It was especially sweet to see Cora meet her older cousins (we call them cousins even though they are Steve's cousins) since she's been talking about them for months now ever since we told her about this family reunion. And even though Vivi is too young to remember, it was really special for her great aunts and uncle to meet her for the first time.

I'm going to be honest here. We didn't take many pictures at the reunion. How awful is that? I mean one could argue that it's awful and we have nothing to look back on to remember, but then one could also argue that we were in-the-moment and experiencing rather than documenting. So, I'm going to take the latter because we really were in the moment and enjoying ourselves with all the family that we hadn't met before and hadn't seen in years.

The photos that we did take were when it was just our family after we had checked into The Tides Inn. I feel like I don't take a lot of photos of the girls when we're at home (yes, I Snapchat and IG stories up a storm, but those don't last for more than 24 hours, so they don't really count). Which is why this post, even though it is about our trip to the family reunion, is just mostly them. Oh, the irony, eh? Plus, the grounds of the The Tides Inn are so gorgeous, we kind of had to take photos with such a beautiful backdrop.

They have fresh cookies and lemonade welcoming you when you arrive at the hotel.

This girl, always double fisting with food. She's her happiest when she has food.


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