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Friday, October 07, 2016

Cora getting her face painted at the Blessing of the Animals at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in downtown Annapolis.

Happy Friday darlings! We've got a relatively packed weekend ahead and I'm so excited about it. Tomorrow, we're heading to an open house of this property that we both are kind of in love with. Sadly, it's greatly overpriced and I don't think we'll put an offer in anytime soon, but we're dying to see the inside of it in real life. Follow along on Snapchat tomorrow to see the house. After that, Cora's got a classmate's birthday party and then the rest of the evening is just staying in and being cozy together.

Then Sunday's activities include an outing to the Renaissance Festival with friends. I'm excited about this the most because I haven't seen my friends, Lauren & David, in what feels like forever so it'll be especially wonderful to see them and to enjoy the festival. Plus, I'm really eager to see what Cora will think of the festival. I know she'll love it and can't wait to experience it all through her eyes!

It's been way too long since I shared a life lately post and because we did some fun Fall things with the girls last weekend and during this past week (nothing like doing something fun on a Monday), I had to share because the photos I got of them are just beyond cute. I'm totally biased, of course, but thought you might want to see a peek into our lives with our little girls. I do share a lot of them on my Snapchat account and IG stories but not enough on the blog. I really need to share more on here, don't you think?

We were invited by Steve's mom to the event at the church and it was so fun for the girls to see all of the animals, and especially for Cora to get her face painted and get a pony ride!

She was pretty excited about her butterflies.

After the event at the church, we popped over to West Street's 1st Sunday of the Month's street festival. The two ladies here performing (wish I had gotten their names!) were a highlight of Cora's outing. I think she could've stayed there all day dancing to their music.

This photo isn't out of order. We ended up going back to the church for bathroom breaks and while I was helping Cora, Vivi got a pony ride too.

On Monday, we decided to take the girls to Homestead Gardens to pick out some mums and pumpkins. We figured it'd be less crowded on a Monday evening (and it definitely was!) and a good place to let the girls walk/run around. Now, can we talk about how much I love that they've called these the fairytale pumpkins? Aptly named, I'd say.

When did she become a big, little girl??

Homestead Gardens has their Fall Festival on the weekends now til 10/30, so we'll definitely be bringing them back to enjoy all of the games and fun activities they have for the kids.


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