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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Bringing you something sweet today! Today's Spotlight post is on my dear friend Deirdre's shop, Candy Shop Vintage. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Deirdre and I met at The Southern C Summit several years ago and have been in touch ever since. She and I have a shared love of vintage jewelry & and other goodies (what's not to love??), and we love and have fun with fashion. Actually, I think Deirdre is waaay more stylish than I'll ever be in this lifetime so I'm so thankful that she's my friend!

She was so sweet to send me some goodies from her newest Cafe Collection and I just had to snap some photos because they are absolutely gorgeous. Real pieces of art I'd say. The designs that Deirdre creates are so unique yet really wearable. They of course have a vintage flair to them, but are at the same time modern. That's pretty much why I love everything she creates! And because she's not sweet enough, she also sent me a pair of the most beautiful vintage emerald earrings ever. Did I mention she also sells one-of-a-kind vintage pieces on her site?? I seriously want everything she has, it's all so good! I'll stop talking so you can check out these pics.

Thank you so much Deirdre! You're an absolute darling! I love it all!

The Oversize Croissant Necklace, ain't she a stunner??

I can't stop wearing these Croissant Earrings!

Shop Her Collection


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