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Gifts $200 & Under

Thursday, November 17, 2016

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It's here! The very first gift guide of the season! Since we're just a week away from Thanksgiving, I thought I'd start it off at the $200 price point and incrementally go down from there in the coming weeks. That way you have plenty of time to think about the pricier pieces you want to gift. And if you're still scrambling to get a gift, the $100 & under, $50 & under, and Stocking Stuffer gift guides won't break the bank for all your last minute shopping needs. All coming soon in the next couple of weeks!

With any gift giving, I always try to think of something that the recipient would obviously love but wouldn't necessarily treat themselves to. I kind of put myself in their shoes and think, is this something I would be overjoyed to receive if I was so-and-so? And once I've asked myself that, I can pretty much figure out if it's something to gift them or not.

As with every gift guide I create every year, all items in them are pretty much something I would love someone to gift to me. And this year's gift guides are no exception. I would most definitely be overjoyed at receiving any (or all!) of the items in this roundup. Let's just say, I'm hoping someone will take the hint and surprise me.

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