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Stocking Stuffers

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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Happy Tuesday! Did you guys get all of your holiday shopping done? I was hoping to get everything done last night, but both Steve and I could not focus enough to come up with more gift ideas for the rest of our family. I did manage to get a lot of it done this weekend though, so glad for those Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, right?

Well, I've got a gift guide for you today (two more coming this week!) and it might be one of my favorites! It's filled with semi-random things but things that you would & could use. I try really hard to give gifts that people will use and I think everything in this round up is something that I certainly would use or wear.

I realize that stocking stuffers tends to be something on the less expensive side, but sometimes it's nice to find one thing that is kind of pricey. When we do stockings with Steve's dad and his wife, they tend to include one or two things that are like actual gifts, which I think is really nice. And that is why those OG tassel earrings are included. They also come in blue, red, and black. Now to pick one to ask for Christmas...

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